Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Students' Fields of Interests

Our fields of investigation (as of October 2nd):

Jessica Alford:

- wants to explore the diversity of Charlotte: people, city and land

- this week: Jessica plans to go to the James K. Polk Museum and see what she can find out there

Elizabeth Arzani:

- will explore the Plaza Midwood neighborhood, and how it has changed over time

- this week: Elizabeth wants to find out more about Good/Bad street, define this definition and research how it became Good/Bad street

Austin Ballard:

- is interested in changes in the city, how the old is replaced for the new and how the city is disposing of its old buildings, infrastructures and people

- this week: Austin will direct a video shoot with 3 other students where 4 cameras will be set up at the 4 corners of an intersection

Timothy Boettcher:

- is interested in the cultural history and people of the area, and finding some of Charlotte’s history that has been overshadowed by the dominance of the banking industry

- this week: ?

Ruhi Brelvi:

- wants to find out more about the Muslim community in Charlotte and their position within Charlotte’s larger community

- this week: Ruhi will start a statistics list about the Muslim population in Charlotte and start interviewing people among the Muslim community

Suje Garcia:

- wants to explore and research the Gold Rush era in and around Charlotte

- this week: Suje plans to find out about the locations of the Gold Mines in the area and make first contacts with specialists

Maya Haslett:

- wants to focus on the people who shaped Charlotte to become what it is today

- this week: Maya wants to take photos of gravestones and start researching their names to see if she can find out something about these people

Wesley Lynch:

- wants to document different social areas of Charlotte and relate his findings to society at large

- plans to document our class project from beginning to end

- this week: Wesley plans to come up with a list of social places / venues and might start documenting in some of them (video?)

Amanda Markham:

- plans to map the subcultures in Charlotte, based on the most distinct neighborhoods (University City, NoDa, Plaza Midwood, Uptown, South Side). She hopes to discover the relationship between these subcultures and find out what that means for Charlotte as a whole.

- this week: Amanda wants to take photographs and interview people in one of these neighborhoods

Hannah McBride:

- wants to explore how her life was influenced by events that happened as she was growing up in Charlotte

- this week: Hannah wants to try and find materials that documented her childhood (photos etc.)

Karen Pierce:

- wants to explore how urbanization has changed the land around Charlotte through new development, as well as how abandoned infrastructures are reclaimed by nature

- this week: Karen will find people living on farms outside the city that she might be able to interview, and possibly start interviewing some of them (contacts: Maya and Hannah)

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