Tuesday, October 6, 2009

charlotte exploration game

so I took a lot of photos! so I tried to minimize it by about 50% and it's still a lot, but oh well. I didn't take a bunch with people because i started to veer away from the city and on street where there weren't any people. All my pictures are in reverse so you might want to start at the bottom for it to make sense when i talk about it.

The rest of these are when i walked 5 minutes until I found something interesting and some from the walk back to mccoll.

Here I had to turn 90 degrees and walk for 5 min. I found some interesting natural areas, along with neighborhoods.

these were down the street where I had to find the quiet, so i just kept walking away from the city. still noisy but no people and not as hectic.

These were right out front bank of america:

These were first where I followed a man in a business suit into the bank of America building:

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