Monday, October 5, 2009

Exploration Game Observations

I was to find a park. I found a sitting area on the corner of N. Church and W. Trade. This man posed and asked me to take his picture.
I followed these women and they were so busy gossiping with eachother they had no idea i was following them or photographing them.
This is the wire along to the side of the building that i want to go take too.
These are the weeds growing in the cracks of the cement around the building.

This is the abandoned paper company building with windows shattered/busted out looking like a pattern with no rhymn or reason.
I was to find something natural. I found this old abandaned paper company building. Vines and greenery have overtaken the fenses and weave in and around forming what looks like a cave. The corner of W. Trade and N. Popular.
across the street from previous picture.
I was to follow the wind for three minutes and ended up on s. mint and martin luther king jr blvd. I have been here severel years earlier and stood on the staircase that is now locked up.
I was supposed to count eleven doors and enter the eleventh door. i counted eight and ran into a road/sidewalk block.
the doors i want to go take.
more of third st. and s. church st.
This i found after finding someone shorter than me and going the opposite direction for three minutes. i really liked what i found.
These are the guys in buisness suits that i followed for five minutes and theyhad no idea i was following them.
This was the first assignment - to find the closest newspaper.

This was the first thing that caught my attention on the way to Trade and Tryon.

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