Thursday, October 8, 2009

mapping game pics and responses - Ruhi Brelvi

on the way back to the office.
At the plaza, I had to find water source.

When I found the park. It was really quiet. You didn't hear anything. and the mosaics were beautiful

I had to take a picture of the skyline of the tallest building I saw. I can also hear the water fountain and it drowns out all the traffic and gives a sense of peace.

I had to take a picture with something green in it. and the jumble of voices and the train sounds. and its stank REALLY bad.

same as the last one but I liked the tree

after I found a number with two 5's in it.

after i followed someone in high heels

after I walked 4 blocks for the letters in my name.

after I walked 50 steps. when I was taking the picture I heard this popping sound. It turned out to be the flag hitting the pole.

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